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Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Sofia Nordenstam became a world traveler

at a young age when her family immigrated to North Carolina, USA in the late

1980s. Learning English as a second language in American public schools,

Sofia quickly realized her love of language and expression- in particular with the English language.


Upon returning to Sweden and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English from Umeå University, Sofia moved back to the United States, spending several years in Texas and California before moving to Minnesota for further studies.


With her background in music, theater, and film, Sofia is able to approach various writing projects and subject matters with a unique and creative perspective, tackling long-form to short-form copywriting as well as a wide variety of translation projects.

Meet Sofia Nordenstam - the force behind

Blonde & Blue Media, from Stockholm, Sweden.


Blonde & Blue Media started in 2006, when Sofia was asked to translate a series of documents for the University of Minnesota’s German, Scandinavian & Dutch Department from Swedish to English, while a student at the University of Minnesota. Quickly upon beginning this work, she developed an appreciation for translation, and with an in-depth understanding of both the Swedish and English-speaking cultures, was able to deliver transcreational messaging- exceeding the common word by word or reference translation.


Since 2006, Blonde & Blue Media has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of advertising and marketing clients throughout the United States and Sweden with projects ranging from translation of motion picture screenplays, to various copywriting assignments.

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