Whether you are requiring translation, or original content targeting a conservative, legal, health industrial, creative or downright quirky audience - Blonde & Blue Media can help you.


Blonde & Blue Media has worked with:


•  University of Minnesota;

   German, Scandinavian

   & Dutch Department, USA

•  Astoria Cinemas, Sweden

•  Memfis Film AB, Sweden

•  Prisma International, USA

•  GQ Magazine, USA

•  Fairview Health Services, USA

•  Fryklunds Advertising, Sweden

•  Thomson-Reuters, USA

•  Hello Viking Advertising, USA

•  Medtronic, USA

•  Allianz Life Insurance, USA

•  Carrot Agency, USA

•  Best Buy Corporate, USA

•  Allegra Midway, USA

•  Children's Cancer Research Fund, USA


Translate. Create.

“Den som inte kan ett

annat språk kan inte

sitt eget”


~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Blonde & Blue Media provides translation services between Swedish and English as well as compelling copywriting services for your marketing and advertising needs.

With any document requiring translation, maintaining the original voice, intention or literal fact is essential. Blonde & Blue Media has experience translating a wide variety of documentation that spans over several different industries.


With original content for marketing or advertising purposes, the text

should clearly communicate its message. Blonde & Blue Media has provided original content in both Swedish and English for various web-based

platforms and publications.

Your Translation Needs:


Translation of legal documents:

• Family law documentation

• Family records

• Criminal records


Translation of news articles:

• Newspaper articles

• Entertainment articles

• Web articles


Translation of fiction:

• Novels

• Screenplays


Translation of handwritten documentation

• Family letters

Your Copywriting Needs:


Online/Long form copywriting:

• Legal marketing content

• Healthcare marketing content

• Technical writing content


Online/Short form copywriting:

• Web advertisements

• Entertainment reviews

• Email blasts



• Newsletter articles

• Fact Sheets

• Sell Sheets

• Brochures


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  • RDA Group, USA